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APP Development Smart Candle Light Solution

[Intelligent Home Control System] Serial port wifi realizes control and management of candle light (switch, dimming, color grading, etc.) in the home environment, supports LAN and remote control, supports timing function, and supports Android and iOS platforms.

Shenzhen Jisi-linchuang APP Development IoT Cloud Smart Home Solution

Shenzhen Jisi-linchuang APP Development IoT Cloud Smart Home Solutio

Shenzhen jisilingchuang APP development smart home solutions

Control the lights (switch, color, brightness), door lock (switch), curtain (automatic, manual) and other devices in the home environment through serial WiFi

深圳 jisilingchuang APP开发 车载空气净化器解决方案 HL


Shenzhen jisilingchuang APP development Intelligent car seat solution HLK

[Smart Seat Control] Serial WiFi realizes the adjustment of the car seat, frees your hands, no longer needs to adjust the seat after getting on the bus, and has a memory function.

Shenzhen jisilingchuang APP development intelligent temperature control solution

[Intelligent home control system] Serial port wifi realizes the monitoring of industrial temperature controller (real-time temperature condition monitoring, control working status, etc.), supports multiple mobile phones to control at the same time and can refresh the status in real time, you can know the real-time temperature with your finger With humidity, everything is under control