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Industrial grade serial to wifi/Ethernet WIFI module Smart home control HLK-RM04 Hailingke

Brand Hailingke brand Hailingke antenna External antenna Onboard ceramic antenna interface Dual serial port Dual network port WIFI configuration mode Web page Serial port software AT command function AP/STA/AP STA coexistence Hard A

HLK-RM04 smart home wifi module embedded serial port Ethernet WIFI wireless routing module

The HLK-RM04 module is a wireless module for serial port, Ethernet and wifi developed by Shenzhen Hailingke Electronics Co., Ltd. It is used to build smart appliances, Internet of Things and other devices. HLK-RM04 supports 802.11b/g/n wireless standard and can work in wireless AP/AP client/STA mode. There are various configuration methods for modules. It can be configured on WEB page, AT command, or configuration. Software, a variety of methods to choose from customers.