AC-DC isolated power module 220v to 5v2W smart home switch Buck power module HLK-2M05

1. Ultra-small series module power supply

The 2W ultra-small series module power supply is a small-volume, high-efficiency module power supply designed by Hailingke Electronics for customers. It has the advantages of global input voltage range, low temperature rise, low power consumption, high efficiency, high reliability and high safety isolation. Has been widely used in smart home, automation control, communications equipment, instrumentation and other industries.

2. Product model



Module housing size


Output Power


The output voltage


Output current
















3. Product Features

1. Ultra-thin, ultra-small, the smallest volume in the industry

2. Universal input voltage (90~245Vac)

3. Low power consumption, green environmental protection, no-load loss <0.1W

4. Low ripple, low noise

5. Good output short circuit and over current protection and self-recovery

6. High efficiency and high power density

7. Input and output isolation withstand voltage 3000Vac

8. 100% full load aging and testing

9. High reliability, long life design, continuous working time is more than 100,000 hours

10. Meet UL and CE requirements; product design meets EMC and safety testing requirements

11. High-quality environmental protection waterproof and thermal conductive glue potting, moisture-proof, anti-vibration, meet the waterproof and dustproof IP65 standard

12. Economical solutions, cost-effective

13. No external circuit is required to work

14. 1 year quality shelf life

4. Environmental conditions

project name

Technical indicators



Operating temperature



Storage temperature



Relative humidity



Heat dissipation method

Natural cooling

Atmospheric pressure







Vibration coefficient 10~500Hz, 2G10min./1cycle, 60min.each along X,Y,Z axes

Meet secondary road transport requirements

5. Electrical characteristics

5.1. Input characteristics

project name

skills requirement



Rated input voltage



Input voltage range



Or 70-350Vdc

Maximum input current



Input surge current



Maximum input voltage



Input slow start



Input low voltage efficiency

Vin=110Vac, output full load ≥69


Input high voltage efficiency

Vin=220Vac, output full load ≥70


Long-term reliability



Recommended external fuse


Slow blow

5.1. Output Characteristics (5V/400mA)

project name

skills requirement



No-load rated output voltage



Full load rated output voltage



Short time maximum output current



Long time maximum output current



Voltage regulation



Hello Elena



Output ripple and noise



Rated input voltage, output full load. With a 20MHz bandwidth oscilloscope,

The load is tested with 10uF and 0.1uF capacitors.


Switch overshoot amplitude

(rated input voltage, output plus 10% load) ≤5


Output overcurrent protection

Output 150-200% of maximum load


Output short circuit protection

Direct short circuit during normal output, automatically resume normal operation after short circuit removal

Does not damage the whole machine

Input voltage and load characteristics
Working environment temperature and load characteristics
        8. Typical application circuit

Input section

Component Tag / Recommended Device


Recommended value

Fuse / fuse

Protect the circuit from damage when the module is abnormal

0.5A/250Vac, slow blow

Varistor / Varistor

The cumulative surge is protecting the module from damage


C1/safety capacitor

Filtering, safety protection (EMC certification)


L1/common mode inductor

EMI filtering

Sense value 10-15mH, current 70-500mA

Safety capacitor

Common mode inductance


l The fuse and varistor are basic protection circuits (required).

l If the certification is required, the safety capacitor and common mode inductor cannot be omitted.

Output section

Component Tag / Recommended Device


Recommended value

C2/filter capacitor

Filtering, after adding this capacitor, the output ripple can be controlled within 30mV

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, capacitance value 100-220uF, withstand voltage drop greater than 75%



Note: The C2 filter capacitor can reduce the output ripple from the original 50mV to 30mV.

9. Safety features

9.1. Certification

The product design meets the requirements of UL and CE safety certification. (UL, CE certification is done by the customer.)

9.2. Safety and electromagnetic compatibility:

l The input design adopts UL certification 0.5A insurance;

l PCB board is made of double-sided copper-clad board, the material fire rating is 94-V0;

l Safety standards in line with UL1012, EN60950, UL60950

l Insulation voltage I/P-O/P: 2500Vac

l Insulation resistance I/P-O/P>100M Ohms/500Vdc 25°C 70% RH

l Conduction and radiation in accordance with EN55011, EN55022 (CISPR22)

l Electrostatic discharge IEC/EN 61000-4-2 level 4 8kV/15kV

l RF radiation immunity IEC/EN 61000-4-3 See application note for details

10.1. Temperature rise safety design:

At room temperature, the temperature rise of the internal surface of the power supply capacitor and main transformer should not exceed 90 °C at most; the temperature rise of the surface of the outer casing should not exceed 60 °C at the maximum.

10. Marking, packaging, transportation, storage

10.1. Signs

10.1.1. Product logo

The product's unique bar code mark is attached to the appropriate position of the product to ensure traceability of the date of manufacture, product batch, etc. of each product. Its content meets the requirements of national standards and industry standards.

10.1.2. Packaging mark

The product packaging box is marked with the name of the manufacturer, the factory address, the zip code, the product model, the factory year, month and day;

It is marked with “upward”, “moisture-proof” and “careful and careless” transport signs, all of which comply with the provisions of GB 191.

10.2. Product

The product is packaged in a special blister box, which has anti-vibration function and complies with GB 3873.

10.3. Packaging

The packaged product can be transported by any means of transport, and there should be awnings during transportation. There should be no severe vibration, impact, etc.

10.4. Product

Product storage should comply with the provisions of GB 3873.

11. Dimensions and weight

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